May 9, 2018
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“Ultimately, I decided my parenting decisions are not going to be based on fear.”

Melissa Butler, mother to 9 year-old Guy & 7-year-old Sammi, on Utah's new "free-range parenting" law preventing parents from being prosecuted for allowing kids to roam on their own. New York & New Jersey are now considering one too.

“Within the U.S. national security community and among our allies around the globe, admiration for her is unsurpassed.”

April 9 letter signed by 50 intelligence officials, including 3 Obama-era CIA chiefs, supporting Gina Haspel as agency's Director. Critics cite torture allegations. Senate hearing set for Wednesday. If confirmed, Haspel would be 1st female CIA Director.

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‘Hey Old Friend, I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us…”

Deeply sorry Katy Perry sent a literal olive branch to Taylor Swift which Swift share on Instagram. The years-long feud reportedly started over backup dancers, and may have sparked Swift's 2004 song Bad Blood. Swift's Reputation tour kicked off Tuesday in Phoenix.

“Driven by increases in cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana, drug use by the American workforce remains at its highest rate in more than a decade.”

Quest Diagnostics analysis of 10M workforce drug test results. Cocaine & amphetamines positivity surging in some areas of the country and marijuana positivity rising sharply in states that have made it legal. Prescription opiate positivity rates declined dramatically on national basis.

"No selfies and pictures on the red carpet. Thank you. Offenders will be denied entrance to the screenings."

Warning to ticket holders at Cannes Film Festival. At opening night Tuesday, reports the first-of-its-kind ban was adhered to by most, but not all. The festival's director has called selfie-taking ‘grotesque’ & said they interrupt the elegance of the prestigious red carpet, lined by photographers.

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by Jenna Lee,