May 10, 2018


“I don’t believe torture works.”

Gina Haspel, CIA Director nominee, during her May 9th Senate confirmation hearing. Afterwards, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) issued a statement urging his colleagues to vote against her confirmation. Sen. McCain was detained during the Vietnam War & is an outspoken critic of CIA's use of torture.
‘Corporations want to pay for insight, advocacy & expertise on a White House. Michael offered that. He didn’t do anything wrong.”

Sam Nurnberg, former Trump campaign aide, on allegations that Pres. Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen sold insight into the new president. AT&T and Novartis confirmed payments. Cohen is also under investigation over payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.
“Someone, please change our fate, whoever, even Trump. I used to be a driver, now I clean. What’s next? I cannot become a beggar.”

Ali Shoja, a cleaner who said he could not afford to support his family, on Iran's economy & and the hardship caused by sanctions to NYT.
"This is huge. It’s a cost-effective measure that is going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support growth in renewable clean energy."

Rachel Golden, Sierra Club Senior Campaign Representative, on California's move to becomes the first state to mandate solar panels on new homes. Rule will cut emissions, but also drive home prices higher in a state already known for expensive housing.

by Jenna Lee,