18.05.12 Iraqi Election

May 14, 2018
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Iraq votes in first major election since the fall of ISIS. Results will determine
*new* Prime Minister.

The election has major repercussions.

Here's Why It Matters

What’s At Stake

  • Current PM (Haidar al-Abadi) seen as more independent, more U.S.-friendly, than his challengers, who align more closely with Iran, politically or religiously.
  • Who wins will determine future relationship of U.S. & Iraq.
  • ISIS led to massive displacement of diverse Iraqi population. Next leader will have a major role in Iraq’s demographics & geography.

Something To Consider:

  • RECORD LOW turnout at 44%. Turnout usually approx. 60% (that roughly matches voter turnout in America’s 2016 presidential election).
  • First election since the start of the Iraq war (2003) whereA no bombings were reported at ANY polling site.

No clear winner…yet. Once parliament is elected in Iraq (nearly 400 seats), members have 3 months to form a government. A coalition of politicians backed by Muqtada Al-Sadr has an early lead. Sadr led a militia that fought/killed U.S. troops during Iraq War.

by Jenna Lee,