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U.S. Embassy Moves To Jerusalem

America, the first nation to recognize Israel as a sovereign country, becomes first nation to put its embassy in Jerusalem.

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The Basics

  • Where did embassy move from? Tel Aviv.
  • Why is the move controversial? Jerusalem is disputed territory. Some consider Jerusalem part of the West Bank or Arab/Muslim, others consider it part of Israel or Jewish.
  • When people talk about “Middle East Peace” – debate over who “owns” Jerusalem at center.
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Why Now?

  • America’s move makes a clear statement about Israeli’s national sovereignty. Israel considers Jerusalem its capital; Now America does as well.
  • President Trump delivering on campaign promise.
  • Timing coincides w/U.S. withdrawing from Iran Deal, reaffirms Israel-America alliance; Israel is a U.S. ally.


Current Events

“We are not taking a position on final status issues, including the specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, nor on the resolution of contested borders.”

U.S. State Department's official statement on Jerusalem embassy opening, an attempt to leave room for negotiations that *could* bring peace or an territorial agreement between Israel & the West Bank.
Current Events

The embassy move is symbolic in many ways. The U.S. ambassador and a small team will set up in a temporary location in Jerusalem. 850 members of the U.S. embassy will stay in Tel Aviv while a new building is built. That could take nearly a decade.

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