18.05.13 Top Names of 2017

May 14, 2018
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America’s Top Baby Names

Social Security Administration releases top 1,000 baby namesA every year.

Did Amazon & First Lady impact results? You decide!

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Emma & Liam

Top Girl Names: Emma, Olivia, Ava, Isabella & Sophia. Emma has been #1 since ’14.

Top Boy Names: Liam, Noah,
William, James & Logan.

What Names Moved Up/Down?

Name “Changes”

  • “Amazon Effect”? Alexa moved DOWN on list to #65 (from #32 in 2015). Some suggest this is due to Amazon’s voice-activated device by the same name.
  • “First Couple” Impact? MelaniaA appearsA in spot #930 (‘Melania’ didn’t appear on list in 2016 & 2015). “Donald” held steady at #488 from 2016, but down from #442 in 2015.

3.8M babies were born last year in U.S. – the LOWEST number in 3 decades. What names held the "1,000th" spot of the top 1,000? "Jaxx" & "Alora". Check out the list:

by Jenna Lee,