18.05.15 Copiers Identity Theft

May 15, 2018


Identity Theft Costs Us $17B Every Year.

But while we’re all focused on cybercriminals… maybe we should remember that
relic in the office – the copy machine.


Copy Machines Have Hard Drives, Too.

Since 2002, every copier contains a hard drive – like your computer’s – storing an image of every document copied, scanned, or emailed.

In 2010, CBS investigation found copiers for sale for $300, which it called a “pot of gold” for identity thieves.

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  • Since CBS’s report in 2010, the industry stepped up security with hard drive encryption & automatic file scrubbing.
  • However, aA 2015 Ponemon survey showed only 38% of respondents were confident printer data was wiped before disposal or refurbishment.
  • This *despite* federal & some state laws requiring it.

Just last year, HP hired Christian Slater for a short series called ‘The Wolf’ to illustrate how insecure office copiers/printers can be. Watch that here:

by Jenna Lee,