18.05.18 Migraine Medication

May 18, 2018
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1 in 7 people get migraines.

The FDA just approved a NEW drug many believe will help (not cure) those who suffer.

Why It Matters

Who Suffers?

37M Americans get migraines.

More womenA than men.

2.8M Americans get migraines more than once a month. This new drug is geared towards them.

What Is The Drug?

What’s The Treatment?

  • Monthly *preventative* injection is called “Aimovig.”
  • Created by major drugmakers, Amgen and Novartis.
  • Costs $6,900 a year/ $575 a month.
  • No side effects detected; studies continuing.
  • Available starting next week.

Why Is This A Big Deal?

What’s The Breakthrough?

  • For decades, researchers believed a protein (CGRP) was connected to migraines.
  • By blocking *some* of these proteins on a cellular level, migraines lessen.
  • Other big drug companies are working on similar treatments – Could this change the course of migraine treatment forever?

Did you know…migraines are often distinguished from headaches because they impact one side of the head more than another? Read More:

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