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May 22, 2018
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“Historic day for our country: swearing-in ceremony for Gina Haspel, the first woman ever to serve as CIA director. Democrats are losing their war against women in the Trump administration.”

Press Sec. Sarah Huckabee Sanders on May 21, 2018, responding to Haspel becoming the first female CIA director on Monday despite few Dems voting for her confirmation.
“There’s something I’d like to say about the tragedy Friday at Santa Fe High School…. I’m so sick of moments of silence! It’s not working! …. So why don’t we not do a moment of silence, why don’t we do a moment of action, a moment of change. Why don’t we change what’s happening?”

Kelly Clarkson, Billboard Music Awards, May 20, 2018

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"‘Recently, I’ve changed my mind about the biggest challenge that the world faces. I think now it’s a human rights problem and it is the discrimination against women and girls in the world."

Former President Jimmy Carter, during his May 19, 2018 commencement speech at Liberty University, on the greatest challenge facing the world today as opposed to what he said in 1999 (wealth disparity).

by Jenna Lee,