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May 23, 2018
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“Fearless” on Wall St.

The New York Stock Exchange names its first female President.
Perfect timing? The news comes as “Fearless Girl”, a symbol of female business prowess, is moved to a new home at the Exchange.

Great Strides Since 1792

  • 1940s: About 50A “Stock Market Girls” fill in for male clerks in WWII.
  • 1967: 1st female (Muriel Siebert) buys a NYSE seat – there was no female bathroom in lunch club.
  • 1995: 1st person (Maria Bartiromo) reports from trading floor.
  • 2018: Stacey Cunningham, NYSE’s COO, becomes its 1st female President.

Can’t Stand the Heat…

And to naysayers who might say a woman’s place is in the kitchen – she’s got that covered, too.

Cunningham started her NYSE career as an intern in 1994, but she took a break from the stock exchange to go to culinary school, & has been known to whip up grilled peach and burrata snacks in the NYSE’s on-site kitchen.

NYSE’s rival stock exchange, NASDAQ, also has a woman CEO, Adena Friedman. However, the latest Fortune 500 rankings out on Monday show that there were 24 women CEOs at the nation's largest corporations, a drop from 32 in the 2016 listings. Read more here.

by Jenna Lee,