18.05.29 Privacy Policy Update Emails (Gdpr)

May 29, 2018
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Inbox flooded with privacy update notices? Here’s why:


EU Privacy Protections

Last week, a new law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), went into effect in the EU.

It requires every company that sells goods or services to EU residents to UPDATE their privacy polices *and* clearly describe (in plain English) how they COLLECT & USE personal data, like your name, age, location, gender, birthday, or marital status.

Under the GDPR, companies MUST:

  • Explain HOW & WHY they collect users’ personal data.
  • Obtain users’ CONSENT before using their data for $ purposes.
  • ALLOW users to access the data collected about them, correct it (if needed) & download it.
  • ERASE users’ data (upon request) if it is not being used for a compelling business purpose.

You don’t live in the EU, so why are you getting the privacy updates?

The GDPR applies globally to all companies that collect data from EU residents regardless of whether they are located in Silicon Valley or across the Atlantic Ocean.

Those that fail to comply risk a fine of up to 4% of their annual revenue or 20M euros (whichever is higher).

The GDPR aims to improve privacy protections, but some experts are skeptical, noting that most people won't even read (yet alone understand) the updated privacy notices providing them more control over their personal data. Read more about the GDPR here:

by Jenna Lee,