18.06.05 Emojis

June 5, 2018


More than 2000 emojis came before, but finallyA redheads (curly & white hair, too!) get their proper representation.

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150+ New Emojis

  • Expressions: smiling with hearts, woozy, hot & cold face.
  • Animals: kangaroo,A mosquito, peacock, parrot, swan.
  • Foods: cupcake, bagel, lettuce.
  • Science: lab coats, DNA, magnet.

You cant use them yet! Expect a gradual rollout over several months.

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Now there’s a redhead…a peacock…a “leg”…what emoji do you think is still missing? A flamingo and white heart did not make the list this time, despite being nominated.

by Jenna Lee,