18.06.05. Quick Quotes

June 7, 2018
“The May 2018 Southwest Border Migration numbers show that for the third month in a row more than 50,000 illegal border crossers were apprehended.”

DHS Press Secretary Tyler Q. Houlton. This is an increase of 160% from May 2017. Compared to May 2017, family apprehensions jumped by 435% and apprehensions of unaccompanied minors went up by more than 300%.
“I hope to continue this important work by working together with organizations who have been fighting this fight for much longer than I have and deserve the recognition.”

Kim Kardashian West after she learned Pres. Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a woman serving a life sentence without parole for non-violent drug charges. Kardashian West met with the President to advocate for Johnson and prison reform.
‘It looks like the lobster was cooked.”

Josh Naughton, Dir of Deli, Seafood and Bakery at the Westborough Roche Bros. supermarket talking to Newsweek about a super rare, 1 in 30 million lobster, delivered at random to the grocery. The phenom was saved from boiling water and butter.
"As a result of the screening process so far, the department has sent a number of individuals for further evaluation and a comprehensive assessment of their symptoms and findings in the United States.”

State Dept spokeswoman Heather Nauert on the removal of gov't workers from the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China. Staffers are said to be suffering from a mystery illness similiar to the one suffered by U.S. diplomatic staff in Cuba.

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by Jenna Lee,