18.06.07 Suicide – How Can We Help Each Other?

June 8, 2018
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How Can We Help Each Other?

New data shows suicide rates rising dramatically in U.S. More than half of those who died had no known mental illness.

What To Know

CDC: Vital Signs Report

  • Examined data from 1999-2016
  • Suicide rates increased in nearly every state & half of those states had rates increase by 30%.
  • Northern Midwest states most impacted.
  • Twice as many suicides in America as homicides.


Why A Dramatic Increase?

No simple answer. Suicide is not JUST attributable to substance abuse, mental illness, or any single cause. Some experts say economic downturns played a role between 1999-2016 yet…

  • 4 out of 10 suicide cases reported relationship problems,
  • 29% – a crisis in the recent weeks
  • 22% – physical health problem.
‘Suicide is a public health crisis when you look at the numbers, and they keep going up. It’s up everywhere. And we know that the rates are actually higher than what’s reported. But homicides still get more attention.’

Nadine Kaslow, fmr. president of the American Psychological Association to Washington Post

Suicide rates increased in nearly all 50 states. The one state where suicides did not increase between 1999-2016? Nevada. How can you help?

by Jenna Lee,