18.06.11 Amanda Southworth

June 11, 2018


She’s 16, attempted suicide, and now she’s trying to save others – with an app.

Meet Amanda.

‘I can honestly say that technology has saved my life. When I found something greater than myself, I realized that I am not just a person with a life. I am a person who has something to contribute.’

Amanda Southworth on her app AnxietyHelper, which provides tools, resources, & emergency help for those suffering with depression & anxiety.

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About Amanda:

  • Started coding at age 10.
  • Attempted suicide several times; says she has struggled with mental illness for most of her life.
  • By 15, developed two apps, including “AnxietyHelper.”
  • In 2017, she won the Worldwide Developers Conference Scholarship from Apple.
  • In 2018, she launched Astra Labs, a nonprofit software company.
“Everything in my life has shown me that both good and bad things in this world will continue to happen and that’s out of our control. But it’s what we do with the things that happen to us that can make all of the difference.”

Amanda Southworth at TEDxPasadena in 2017.

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Amanda's second app Verena is described as "a personal security system for the LGBTQ+ community, giving you the tools you need to keep you safe while you live as the person you were meant to be." Learn more here:

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