18.06.14 Three Californias

June 14, 2018

Are 3 Californias Better than 1?

Voters will get the chance to decide on a plan to split the state up this November.

Meet what could potentially be “the 3 Cals.”

Is this, Like, You know, Like, for real?

Proposal Calls for 3 States:

  • Northern California:A includes Bay Area all the way to the Oregon border.
  • Southern CaliforniaA begins in Fresno & covers most of the southern state.
  • California: begins in Los Angeles County & covers most of the coastal areas.

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Cali-THREE-nia? Why?

Man behind plan is famed investor Tim Draper with a history of making good bets. (Heard of Skype? Tesla?)

He says plan will “simply divide the state into smaller, more manageable populations.”

He’s been working on this for years. In 2014, he tried & failed to break up California into 6 different states.

Could it Happen? Maybe.

Critics argue problems would multiply with 3 new governors divvying up interconnected operations (water, parks, prisons).

‘There are so many fundamentally flawed aspects to this.”

BUT…A ‘In this day and age, anything can happen politically.’

Steven Maviglio, CA Democratic adviser

Making it happen would require not only approval by California voters but Congress. Click to learn just how long it has been since the U.S. added a state or split one up. (Hint: It’s been awhile.)

by Jenna Lee,