18.06.19 Forever War

July 4, 2018


Revelations about new U.S. soldier deaths in places like Niger & Somalia and strikes in Syria have lawmakers questioning use of a nearly 17-year-old law.

how long is too long?


  • AUMF = Authorization for Use of Military Force
  • AUMF became public law on Sept. 18, 2001 after 9/11 attacks.
  • Allows president to use ‘all necessary & appropriate forces against’ terrorists who committed or aided in 9/11 attacks a particularly, Al Qaeda & Taliban.

sounds reasonable…

What’s the Controversy?

  • Nearly 17 years later, AUMF is still being used, allowing Presidents Bush, Obama, & Trump to also fight other terrorists around world.
  • America’s war on terror now stretches to no less than 76 countries (39% of the planet).
  • Lawmakers: time to take war off “autopilot.”

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Bipartisan AUMF Proposal
from Sens. Corker (R-TN) & Kaine (D-VA)

  • Broadly, it says a president can’t engage in prolonged or repeated incursions without consulting Congress on broader strategy.
  • Critics say it flips Constitution, requires 2/3rds to disapprove war.
  • Fate unclear; Congress looks to avoid messy debate before midterms.

In a separate study, released in November, Costs of War Project estimated the war on terror’s price tag (with some future expenses included) has reached $5.6T – which some may argue is worth every penny. Click to read more & you decide.

by Jenna Lee,