18.06.22 Heart Health and Marriage

June 22, 2018
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Want To Stay Healthy?

Put a ring on it.

New study says marriage may factor into your heart health.

If you like it…flip!

What To Know

  • 80% of heart disease risk is “baked in” – genetics, diet, age.
  • Half of all Americans have a risk for heart disease.
  • 20% heart disease = a mystery.
  • Study examined marriage as a factor by looking at data from previous studies.
  • Data: married people have less heart disease than others.

Why Marriage?

Results same for married vs single, divorced OR widowed.

  • Security: Married people may seek medical help sooner (they have someone around to nag them to go to the doctors OR to see changes in behavior).
  • Economic: Couples may have better joint income & therefore, better healthcare.

Researchers say this topic needs more research. They admit they did not focus on the quality of marriage or long term relationships either. BTW – Marriage rates have declined in America, but Tiffany's sales of engagement rings are UP. Check it out:

by Jenna Lee,