18.06.25 Midterm Anticipation

June 25, 2018
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Midterms Anticipation

With still over 4 months to go, voters in both parties are more motivated than any time in the past 20 years – and that has the money pouring in.

FLIP: Why Now?

Voter Interest in Midterms
Off the Charts

  • Record share of voters (68%) say control of Congress factor in their vote, according to a new Pew poll.
  • More voters also say their view of the Pres. a positive or negative a will influence vote for Congress.
  • Democrats’ advantage on enthusiasm is weaker than it was in previous election cycles when their party scored big.


RNC doubles DNC’s monthly fundraising haul.

  • In May, RNC received $14M vs. DNC’s $5.6M.
  • Bringing the totals for the cycle to $188M for RNC vs. $98M for DNC.
  • BUT...A Fmr NYC MayorA Michael Bloomberg has pledged $80M in an effort to flip the House for Democrats.

Pres. Trump will ramp up travel ahead of the midterms to support what he calls a "red wave" coming in November. His latest approval rating with Republicans stands at 90%. There are two issues voters most want to hear about from candidates – click to learn.

by Jenna Lee,