18.06.26 Mergerpalooza

June 26, 2018
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Media Love Triangle

Disney + Fox + Comcast

An old-fashioned bidding war sparks on Wall St. as media giants look to partner up before the music stops.

FLIP: Chasing a sly fox

Get Me Up to Speed

  • Last year, Disney offered $52B for a big stake in 21st Century Fox.
  • Then Comcast decided to get in on the action, offering $65B.
  • Disney isn’t having that & just last week raised its offer to $71B, which Fox says is a superior bid.
  • Ball is now in Comcast’s court: will it up the stakes even more?

Oh the drama…

$71B?! Why So Much?

  • What Disney & Comcast want: Fox’s stake in Hulu (streaming service) & Hollywood studios with TV & film franchises (Think: X-men & The Simpsons).
  • Bottom line:A Real driver is the fear of the future with digital rivals like Amazon, Facebook & Netflix disrupting content, advertising & distribution. Media cos. need to get in the game to compete.

Whoever wins in the end – Disney or Comcast – it's important to note Fox would retain some assets, including Fox News and Fox Broadcasting Company. So who's next to get in on the mergerpalooza action? Click to read more.

by Jenna Lee,