18.06.27 Ptsd

June 27, 2018
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PTSD Awareness Day

Half of Americans will experience a traumatic event in their lives, yet women are MORE than 2X as likely as men to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Can magnets help?


Causes: Exposure to a traumatic event such as violent acts (including personal assaults, accidents & combat-related) and natural or human-caused disasters

What makes PTSD – PTSD?: Direct relation to a specific traumatic event. Disorder tracked back to a moment in time – trauma reoccurs in the person who suffers.

Why Is PTSD More Prevalent in Women?

Sexual Assault

About 1 in 3 women & nearly 1 in 6 men experience sexual violence in their lifetimes, according to the CDC.

Treatment: Flip

What's the latest innovation to treat PTSD? Magnets used for depression – "An electromagnet, essentially a wire wrapped around a solid coil, is charged with electricity and then placed over specific points on the skull." Read More.

by Jenna Lee,