18.06.29 Mexico Elections

June 29, 2018
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And what would AMLO's plan be for Mexico's rampant drug trafficking? Listen to what he said – in the heart of the main Sinaloa cartel's territory – when asked if he would legalize drugs. Read more here.

  • 2 mayoral candidates killed in Mexico, 18 dead so far:
    https://apnews.com/9341a84de6b d4f0aab53352992394f7e
  • A New Revolution in Mexico:
    Since 2006, the country has pursued a war on drugs that has cost at least a hundred thousand lives, seemingly to little good effect. LA3pez Obrador, like his opponents, has struggled to articulate a viable security strategy.
    __After the lunch in CuliacA!n, he took questions, and a woman stood to ask what he intended to do about narcotrafficking. Would he consider the legalization of drugs as a solution? A few months earlier, he had said, seemingly without much deliberation, that he might offer an amnesty to bring low-level dealers and producers into legal employment. When critics leaped on his remark, his aides tried to deflect criticism by arguing that, because none of the current administration”s policies had worked, anything was worth trying. To the woman in CuliacA!n, he said, We”re going to tackle the causes with youth programs, new employment opportunities, education, and by tending to the abandoned countryside. We”re not only going to use force. We”ll analyze everything and explore all the avenues that will let us achieve peace. I don”t rule out anything, not even legalization—nothing. The crowd applauded, and amlo looked relieved.
  • Mexico: More Mayoral Candidates Murdered Days Before Elections
    https://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/120-Politicians-Kille d-In-Mexico-Since-September- 2017-20180621-0004.html

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