18.07.02 One Minute with Maccutting Boards

July 3, 2018
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A Former Cop Combines Craftmanship & Patriotism Into A “Cutting Edge” Business

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MAC Cutting Boards

You’re stronger than you think. Always remember, ‘if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’reA in the wrong room’

SmartHER advice from MAC Cutting Boards, founded in 2009 by Bart & Josie McHale

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More from Bart & Josie, MAC Cutting Boards. Where did "MAC" come from? It's a beautiful tribute! Plus, tips on living SmartHER…

5 Questions for MAC Cutting Boards

1. What made you take the leap and start MAC Cutting Boards in 2009?

Retirement was looming. A Bart always had a passion for woodworking (which he learned while in high school). A We literally just said what the heck … let”s just do this!

2. Where did the name MAC come from?

Bart”s Dad was named Robert McHale but everyone called him Mac. A He passed away in 2001. A Mac was Bart”s best friend. When we decided to start our business, we thought to honor him by naming the business after him.A

3. On your website you say, “Our goal is to bring manufacturing back to the United States using our own resources to produce products we can use.” Where did that goal and passion come from? Why is it important to you?

When Bart went to High School every school had a wood shop, auto shop, and metal shop. Now having these shops are the exception not the rule. We”re not teaching our youth these skills. A Since we”re very passionate about buying American made goods, we thought we could take this opportunity to teach our trade and pass it along.A

4.A Whats been your biggest challenge you confronted as a small business and how did you overcome it?

Funding! We always struggle with funding to purchase the better machines, hire seasonal help, or purchase scrap lumber in bulk. This is an issue we still struggle with.A

5. Whats your advice on how to live SmartHER – as a business, family, or someone chasing your dreams?

To steal a catch phrase from Nike. Just do it. Own it and don”t turn back. You’re stronger than you think. Always remember, if you”re the smartest person in the room, you”reA in the wrong room



by Jenna Lee,