18.07.05 Otd Bikini

July 4, 2018

Still Turning Heads

The bikini turns 72 today.
Named for – of all things – a nuclear test site, it ended up making a bang of its own.

FLIP: Itsy bitsy…

Scandalous History

  • Bikini was invented by (who else?) a Frenchman, Louis Reard.
  • Named after a nuclear test site off the Bikini Atoll in Pacific Ocean.
  • No Parisian model would wear his revealing design so he got a nude dancer to model it.
  • NOT the first 2-piece swimsuit, but theA firstA to show navel.
  • Banned in numerous countries, Vatican called it sinful.

Less is Much, Much More

  • There were actually TWO French designers competing to make the tiniest swimsuit in 1946.
  • Reard’s winning design, two inverted triangles connected by string, used just 30 ins of fabric.
  • Reard shocked saying:A 2-piece wasn’t a bikini “unless it could be pulled through a wedding ring.”
  • Fun fact: If the other design won out, we’d call a bikini an “atom.”

The bikini didn’t really catch on in America until the ’60s, but by the ’70s, it went from scandalous to ubiquitous. Last month, the Miss America contest said it will end its swimsuit competition which has been included since the 1st pageant in 1921.

by Jenna Lee,