18.07.06 Iran

July 5, 2018
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Iranian government at the center of a crucial meeting with world powers, an alleged terrorist plot, and domestic unrest – all the while threatening to close one of the world’s crucial waterways.

What's Going On


  • First meeting of world powers since America left so-called “Iran Nuclear Deal.”
  • Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia will meet w/Iran in Vienna (where an Iranian diplomat was *just* arrested).
  • Why meet now? Irans wants access to intl banking system & business. Others want business w/Iran & no nuclear program.

What’s Important To Know

  • Iran’s economy under intense pressure due to U.S. sanctions; more coming in next few months including on oil sector. Currency has dramatically lost value.
  • Public protests mount against govt, corruption, economy, etc.
  • Water scarcity an issue as a major drought continues; one Iranian general blamed “foreign interference” for lack of rain.

In The Meantime…

  • Belgian authorities arrested Iranian couple for “attempt at terrorist murder and preparing a terrorist crime.”
  • Allegedly planning to bomb a rally held by an opposition group of the current Iranian govt.
  • More arrests made in France
  • Iranian diplomat who works in Vienna arrested in Germany; Iran says not involved.

As tensions rise, Iran threatens to close a strategic waterway; the U.S. Navy patrols these waters and promises to keep them open. Conflict between the two is not uncommon but this year? Iran has made ZERO attempts to harass U.S. Navy ships.

by Jenna Lee,