18.07.08 Jobs Report

July 9, 2018



America’s unemployment rate went up in June to 4%.

Why a higher unemployment rate reflects a healthy job market.

Flip: Why It Matters

Jobs Report 101

  • You are counted as part of the labor force if you are able to work, want to work, and actively looking for work.
  • More Americans started looking for work last month – a good sign that reflects optimism.
  • The labor force grew by 601,000 people, reflecting more people looking for a job and the unemployment went up slightly.

Something To Consider:

  • Latino unemployment rate fell to a record low; more women and blacks looking for work.
  • Wages continue to increase – an important sign of healthy job market. However, when adjusted for inflation, the take-home pay is essentially flat to last year. Possible reason? More Americans fill lower paid jobs during summer months (AP).

National vs. Local

While overall job picture positive, the numbers differ state-to-state.

CNBC: Some important swing states like Michigan have seen unemployment rates rise.

“The jobless rate was also higher than the national average in Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana and Pennsylvania, all states Trump carried in 2016.”

Don't forget the impact of potential aluminum & steel tariffs on Mexico/Canada/Europe for swing states like Michigan/Pennsylvania. A lingering question: What do the tariffs on China (and China tariffs on U.S.) do to the U.S.? economy & job market? More To Come.

by Jenna Lee,