18.07.09 Scotus Pick

July 10, 2018

Pres. Trump’s Pick for the Supreme Court:


Pres. Trump nominated Justice Anthony Kennedy’s former law clerk to fill his seat.

Brett Kavanaugh: The Man

  • 53-year-old Catholic
  • Lead author of the ‘Starr Report’, which led to the impeachment of Pres. Bill Clinton
  • Part of the legal team that helped George W. Bush secure the White House in 2000
  • Met his wife at the White House one day before 9/11 when was associateA counsel for Pres. Bush
  • Ran the Boston Marathon twice

Kavanaugh: The Jurist

  • “Washington insider” with strong conservative credentials
  • Served as a judge for 12 years on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Authored over 300 opinions, including a ruling against the Affordable Care Act on the basis of religious liberty
  • Hired by Obama nominee & “liberal” Justice Elena Kagan to teach at Harvard Law School


Good Example of What’s To Come

During the 2006 confirmation hearing following his appointment to the D.C. Circuit of Appeals, Sen. Schumer grilled Kavanaugh over his involvement in Pres. Clinton’s impeachment and his take on Roe v. Wade.

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So Now What?

Republicans control the Senate by a 50-49 majority due to Sen. John McCain’s prolonged absence, limiting the impact of any efforts by the Democrats to thwart Trump’s nominee.

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Kavanaugh served as a law clerk for Justice Kennedy alongside Pres. Trump's 2017 Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Justice Kennedy was appointed by a republican president (Reagan) but was the court's "swing" vote not wedded to one ideology.

by Jenna Lee,