18.07.10 Immigration Separation Wall

July 10, 2018


While the deadline looms for separated children to be returned to their family, Americans living on the border receive word of a new wall coming through.


Tuesday Deadline to Reunite Children Under 5

  • DOJ: Half will be reunitedA by court-imposed deadline.
  • Last Friday, DOJ asked for more time – only able to identify, locate & vet 54 parents of 102 kids.
  • Past deadline, now what?A Judge can impose fines, but admits more time needed. ACLU, which brought the lawsuit, says it just wants families reunited fast.

Judge Rejects Request to Hold Children Longer

  • Decree states children in immigration detention not be held more than 20 days.
  • Admin now may have 2 options: release the family or split them up -A which Trump’s June 20 directive pledged to stop.
  • Older kids to be reunited by July 26.

elsewhere on border…

Border Wall Land Surveys

  • More property owners along S. Texas border are getting notices for a possible border wall.
  • Border Patrol: the area, Starr Co., most “volatile” stretch, currently lacks border wall.
  • In March, Congress approved $1.6B inA fedlA fundingA for 33 miles of fencing in Rio Grande valley – half of what Border Patrol wanted.
  • Pres. Trump has requested $25B.

In Arizona, New Mexico & California, Federal Govt controls 60-foot wide strip of land along the border. Not true in Texas, where almost all property is private. Click for one reason why a fence in Texas’s Starr County has failed in the past.

by Jenna Lee,