18.07.16 Protests Around the World

July 15, 2018
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Protests flare-up around the world while a spotlight shines on the Helsinki summit between Presidents Trump & Putin.

Here’s 2 countries you should watch outside of the West… and why they matter.


  • At least 10 people died this weekend, raising the death tollA to more than 300 since protests began in April.
  • Opposition groups protest gov’t run by President Daniel Ortega.
  • Critics say Ortega strangling democratic institutions in a deadly power grab; supporters say protesters are “criminals” or “terrorists.”
“Nicaragua’s descent into chaos makes the population vulnerable to lawlessness, particularly gang activity and drug trafficking, and encourages mass migration.”

Senior Analyst Allison Fedirka, Geopolitical Futures, who underscores instability In Nicaragua can put more pressure on neighboring unstable states, with larger migration flows to America.


  • Reports of 2 dead from multi-day, multi-city protests vs. the gov’t.
  • Protestors say basic services (like water and electricity) not provided.
  • Bigger Picture: Iraq doesn’t have a *new* gov’t since May election;A chaos not good for security as politicians try building coalition gov’t.

Iran worked to create a stable neighbor after invasion of ISIS, filling a vacuum with withdrawal of U.S. Iran also facing domestic protests over last several weeks for basic services. More at SmartHERNews.com

by Jenna Lee,