It Ain’t Easy…
Being Cheesy

Whether its mac & cheese or mozzarella, cheese prices fall as America’s stock of the dairy delight hits a 100-year record-high.


Wait…Cheese Stockpiles?

  • America’s agriculture department keeps track of its cheese inventory. The gov’t has a record of cheese stockpiles since 1917!
  • Compared to last year at the same time we have 6% more cheese in America.
  • Why? Too much milk. Milk often made into cheese to preserve it. Also, summer months = less lunches packed. And tariffs.

Why It Matters

  • U.S. families: Cheese prices drop. We have plenty of cheese, but not enough demand for it.
  • U.S. dairy farmers: In addition to stockpiles, cheese exports hit by Mexico/Canada tariffs in retaliation for our tariffs on steel & aluminum. This adds more pressure on farmers who don’t make a ton of money off of cheese (margins tight).

Bigger Picture

  • Milk consumption has fallen despite theA “Got Milk?” ads first introduced in the mid-1990s by the dairy industry to try to encourage consumption.
  • Americans picking other non-dairy options like almond milk.
  • Insight from one industry exec: While yogurt producers have innovated (pouches, squeeze packs), milk producers haven’t.

The price of cheese impacts the price farmers receive for milk, so it impacts the entire dairy industry. Despite current pressures, one analyst is optimistic the industry will regulate. Read more on

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