18.07.17 Free Sunscreen

July 25, 2018
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Sun’s Out, Sunscreen On!

Could free sunscreen be as readily available as public drinking water?

The nation’s largest city adds free sunscreen dispensers, even though we often don’t know how much to use or what SPF even means.

Here's The Deal


  • Sun Protection Factor
  • SPF 30 coversA 98% of UVB rays; Higher than SPF 30 offers only slightly higher protection.
  • SPF doesn’t reflect protection against dangerous UVA rays.
  • Docs worry those wearing higher SPF may feel “invincible” and stay in sun longer.

Free Sunscreen?

  • America’s largest city, NYC, announced new free sunscreen dispensers in July.
  • Miami & Boston first with program in 2015, after gov’t “call to action” to prevent skin cancer because it’s theA most commonly diagnosed cancer in U.S.
  • Nonprofits, hospitals, sunscreen dispenser-maker often foot cost for city for initial program.

An American dies of melanoma every hour

“Many of the more than 5 million skin cancer cases that are diagnosed annually could be prevented by protecting skin from excessive sun exposure and not using indoor tanning devices.”

Did you know you should be using ‘about a shot-glass worth of BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen every time you apply? Though the first free sunscreen made this tough to do. We learned a lot creating this card – we hope you did too!

by Jenna Lee,