18.07.18 Fortnite

July 18, 2018


More than a video game – now a bonafide phenomenon with more than 45M players worldwide – and it’s free.

move over, pac-man.

What Is Fortnite Anyway?

  • Online brawl where 100 players leap out of a plane on to an island & fight until 1 person is left.
  • Hidden around the island are weapons & defense items.
  • As game goes on, playable area shrinks; forcing players closer.
  • Last survivor is the winner.
  • Epic Games just released Season 5.

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Why It Matters

  • Huge hit:A made $300M+ in June.
  • Free to play, but users may upgrade cosmetic items for fun.
  • Personalization:A add-ons help users express themselves (i.e. play as a sniper or as a clown.)
  • Multiple device play: console, handheld device & computer.
  • Group play:A not super violent, attracting both sexes & can be played among friends.

Heard of Flossing?
(And, no, not your teeth.)

  • 2018’s go-to dance move is all thanks to Fortnite.
  • During Fortnite, players can bust some dance moves to taunt an opponent, celebrate, or for fun.
  • To floss, you swing your hips frantically in the opposite direction of your arms & back again.

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The Fortnite player to know? "Ninja" who's real name is Tyler Blevins. 27-year-old streams his games online, raking in $500K A MONTH. Rapper Drake even challenged Ninja to a game & 6M people tuned in. Click to watch him in action.

by Jenna Lee,