18.07.19 Facial Recognition

July 19, 2018
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A simple tool to tag friends in photos or technology that could enable mass surveillance?

The privacy concerns over facial recognition & theA new calls for the gov’t to step in.


Surveillance in Society:
Where Things Stand Now

  • 1 in 2 American adults are in a law enforcement face recognition network.
  • No federal lawsA regulate facial recognition technology, butA IL & TX require permission before collecting “faceprint.”
  • In 2012, FTC suggested people should have option to opt-out, but Congress never made it law.


Tech giant calls for Congress to create a bipartisan commission to outline new rules governing facial recognition.

“A world with vigorous regulation of products that are useful but potentially troubling is better than a world devoid of legal standards.”

Brad Smith, Microsoft President

Why It Matters: Extremes

  • Facial recognition can be used to catch criminals like theA Capital Gazette shooter.
  • In 2016, ACLU criticized Maryland police for using it to identify protesters & arrest them.
  • China is using it to give all 1.4B of its citizens a “trustworthy” score. Citizens with low scoresA may not be allowed to travel or purchaseA property.

Sure – Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google & Microsoft are working on facial recognition tech, but it's not just Big Tech. USA Today shares how 100 summer sleepaway camps are using it to help parents keep tabs on their kids for $1-2/day.

by Jenna Lee,