18.07.20 Women Paid More

July 20, 2018
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1-in-4 women are the family breadwinner, but when it comes to reporting it they say it’s just crumbs.

Why husbands & wives BOTH lie and say the *MAN* earns more.

Huh? Makes No CENTS.

"Manning Up & Womaning Down”

  • Census found inconsistencies inA incomes reported vs. IRS tax forms and investigated.
  • When a wife earns more, both husbands & wives exaggerate man’s earnings on avg of 2.9%, diminish woman’s by 1.5%.
  • Says couples “minimize the violation” of social norms by lying.
"It’s kind of like if he’s shorter than she is, she doesn’t wear heels. It’s in the cultural DNA that if anyone should be bigger, richer, more successful, it should be the man."

Bill Doherty, marriage therapist & Univ. of Minnesota professor on the marital struggles he's seen when the women is more successful professionally.

Bigger Picture

2013 Study:A Marriages in which the woman earns more are less likely to form and when they do, more likely to end in divorce.

Pew survey: 71% say very important for man to support a family financially to be a good husband or partner,A 32% for women.

Social norms impact self-reported data, and the Census Bureau warns that makes it less reliable.

by Jenna Lee,