18.07.24 Iron Man Suit

July 24, 2018

Ever Dream of Flying?

The Iron Man-like suit that has James Bond, Tom Cruise & *YOU* ready for take-off …
for a price.

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Gravity Schmavity


  • 5 mini jet-fuel engines: 2 worn on each arm & 1 on the back.
  • Set a Guinness World Record flying at 32mph.
  • Flights last 3-4 minutes.

OK, how much?

Ready for Liftoff?

  • It costs $450K, and only 9 are available for sale at Selfridges Department Store in London.
  • Gravity, the suit’s maker, has requests fromA Mission Impossible &A James Bond filmmakers.

The US Army is also testing & prototyping Iron Man-like suits in order to test how electricity production can be used to avoid dangerous resupply stops, reducing logistics on the battlefield. Read on here:

by Jenna Lee,