18.07.31 Russian Election Meddling and Protests.

July 31, 2018
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Do Russian spiesA want to meddle more with our electric grid than our elections?

New reports say “Yes”…

What To Know

What Happened?

  • American utility companies infiltrated by Russian hackers over the last 2 years.
  • Russians used phishing scams (where a fake email prompts the user to change their password & hacker gets the info) to infiltrate systems and steal data.
  • Number and extent of attacks is reportedly unknown.
‘They got to the point where they could have thrown switches…’

Jonathan Homer, Chief of industrial-control-system analysis for Dept of Homeland Security references the extent of one Russian-led attack.

Why It Matters:

“extensive damage and potentially lengthy blackouts” (WSJ)

Russian hackers have access to control panels in several of America’s power plants (NYT).

Russians could hypothetically access these control rooms through remote control (and they’ve done it before in Ukraine).

Russian election meddling still happening according to several accounts, where hackers targeted lawmakers running for re-election. The bigger picture? Russians finding all sorts of ways to try to disrupt American life. Are we watching it all close enough? Read more SmartHERNews.com

by Jenna Lee,