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July 10, 2018
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Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Cardi B…
all young celebrities choosing their spouses early.

Will it last?

Here's The Data

“But They’re So Young…”

Singer Justin Bieber (24) engaged to model Hailey Baldwin (21).

Singer Ariana Grande (25) engaged to Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson (24).

Entertainer/Rapper Cardi B (25) married hip hop artist “Offset” (26).

Cold Hard Facts

What Research Says:

  • Divorce rates within the first five years of marriage dramatically decrease if you marry between the ages of 25 – 35…but increase if you marry younger OR older.
  • Higher success rates of marriage for couple committed (not necessarily married) AFTER age 23-years-old; 60% divorce rate before 23 vs approx. 30% divorce rate after.
“…older marriages now have higher divorce rates than those marrying 28-32. I didn’t see this 20 years ago.A The mystery is why this has happened.”

Pro. Nicholas H. Wolfinger to SmartHER News. Wolfinger has extensively researched marriage & divorce. His work shows success rates for marriage increase if you "wait to get married, but not too long."

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What’s “normal” marrying age in U.S.A?

  • In 2017, the oldest age for first marriages recorded in U.S.:
    Women = 27.4 years-old
    Men = 29.5 years-old
  • Median marrying age in 1947 (when data started being collected every year until present time): Women: 20.5 & Men: 23.7A (Census).

Marriage rates in America have dropped in recent years; Divorce rates have risen. Data is mixed on whether thats due to "cohabitation" without a ring & a date. A great new article addresses the data thoroughly – it's a must read:

by Jenna Lee,