18.08.03 Apple $1t

August 3, 2018

Apple’s Trillion Dollar Day

From its humble start in a California garage to now the FIRST & MOST valuable company ever at

Why some say the focus on the $$$$ may miss the point of the company’s true value.

Why $1T?

iPhone Center Stage

  • Apple now worth more than all but 26 countries in the world.A
  • Why? Better than expected iPhone sales in its latest earnings report pushed the stock higher.
  • Stock price impacts the worth of the company or “market cap.”
  • Apple “beat” expectations, but some analysts lowered #’s wks ago because of concerns re: iPhone sales.

What’s Next?

New iPhone expected in Sept. Predictions of a larger & a cheaper version.

Some Wall Street analysts think Apple’s stock has room to trade even higher, which would lift its market cap OVER $1T.

Why $1T Ain’t Everything

‘The fact that you have a billion and a half people with Apple devices around the world in a sense gives them a user base that if they can figure out other ways to make money off that user base.”

NYU professorA Aswath Damodaran to CNBC, pointing out that even if Apple's iPhone sales slow now, its CURRENT customer base has great value.

Food for thought: Apple makes many of its products in China, where trade tensions run high w/U.S. re: tariffs. One commentator says companies with the highest market cap often underperform in the years ahead. Read his analysis on our source page.

by Jenna Lee,