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“The Netflix of Fitness”



It’s a workout craze that’s got a cult-like following and has Wall Street working up a sweat, and investing a half a billion dollars.

But what exactly is Peloton?

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The Basics

  • Pronounced: Pel-O-t-ON.
  • Video-streaming stationary bike co. launched in 2012.
  • The draw? Get on the bike, turn on the screen & you can instantly take live or on-demand classes.
  • The catch? Spin bicycle equipped w/22-inch touch-screen costs $1,995 & need to pay $39/month for content on the screen.
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The Bigger Picture

  • Peloton wants to make itself a public-traded company on Wall St. which says its worth $4B+.
  • For perspective, that’s more than Dick’s Sporting Goods ($3.5B).
  • CEO argues it’s a “media company” not just exercise equipment due to its subscription-based model (a la Netflix.)
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Reinventing the Wheel?

Exercise using a stationary bicycle is nothing new. In fact, first rudimentary version created in 1796.

It wasn’t until the 1960s when Schwinn released the “Exerciser” that the bike exercise fad caught on.

Today, stationary bikes are everywhere, even the International Space Station.

Now You Know

Peloton is taking pre-orders for a treadmill "Peloton Tread" with the same features. The CEO says he wants users who don't own a Peloton bike to access workouts on your phone & tablets. What do you think...exercise fad or does Peloton have staying power?

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