18.08.08 Quick Quotes

August 8, 2018
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“HGTV??! Aw man. I’d be pretty upset if it were anyone else, but how can you be mad at HGTV?? My television is stuck on that channel. Kudos HGTV, I know you will do the right thing with the house. That was always my biggest worry. I can smile again.”

Lance Bass @Twitter, reacting to the sale of the former 'Brady Bunch' home to HGTV – Bass had bid on the house.
"Weather-wise, we are still seeing a lot of heat throughout California and every day the vegetation is getting even drier, so conditions could get worse before they get better."

Jonathan Cox, Northern California battalion chief for the CA Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire. 17 wildfires rage, including the largest fire in California history: the Mendocino Complex Fire.
"The jury’s still out on how big a threat this is, but we think it’s a very important question to address."

CDC Dr. Ben Beard on the arrival of the Asian long-horned tick in America. It's the first NEW tick species in the nation in 50 years. The ticks found in the U.S.A. don't carry human diseases *so far*, but in Asia, the virus they carry can be fatal.
"The process has been great, everyone has been really nice to me and I can’t wait to see where this goes."

Jesse Hernandez (25), the first male to earn a spot on the New Orleans Saints dance squad as a Saintsation. In March, the L.A. Rams announced two male cheerleaders. NFL teams have hired stuntmen, but not male dancers to cheer along side the mainly all-women teams. NFL pre-season kicks off tomorrow.

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by Jenna Lee,