18.08.09 Americans Choose Spirits

August 10, 2018
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American “Spirits”

America drinking less beer – but more alcohol than ever.

How Much We Drink


2.35 Gallons

Avg. Amt of *Pure* Alcohol Americans Drink Each Year

  • Gov’t measures different alcohol levels in beer vs vodka.
  • Gov’t wants us to drink closer to 2.1 gallons of alcohol a year orA 448 standard drinks (about 1 drink per day or 8.5 a week).

Why Less Beer?

  • Craft beer competition (though that’s not making up for the shortfall in beer drinking completely).
  • ‘Sex In The City’ effect: Hit TV show – the cast made cocktails (specifically cosmos) cool.
  • Millenials drink less than older generation; choose drinks based on what’s perceived as healthier.


Big Brands Suffering

Americans gravitating toward more local brands, perceived as healthier. It’s not just beer (although that’s part of it) – it’s big companies, like Bud, finding local competition.

“Brands such as Kellogg’s cereal, Campbell’s soup and Aunt Jemima pancake mix are all feeling the pinch” (WSJ)

The state that drinks the MOST alcohol per person? New Hampshire. Click through the list of top ten on our source page SmartHERNews.com

by Jenna Lee,