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August 10, 2018
“We can have a dialogue about the president and not a diatribe – I got that from Sarah Jessica Parker.”

Kanye West on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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“Character, sophistication, personality, the way they get along with other people, and beauty, because we want them all to look beautiful when they go to see the president.”

Jeff Sveen explaining how he will help choose which Thanksgiving turkeys to give to the President – the FIRST turkeys from South Dakota in the 71-year-old tradition.
‘This is such a niche app with niche content, that for it to make that sort of jump means it has become very interesting to a much broader audience. Essentially, it’s gone from being niche to being mainstream.’

Jonathan Kay, co-founder of Apptopia, an app analytics firm, to the New York Times on the sudden boom of the InfoWars app on the same week prominent social media platforms removed some of its content.


“I wanted to let the voters debate, discuss and think about a different way forward… And, I wanted the political class to hear and witness the frustration of California’s voters with decades of inaction & decay.”

Tim Draper, the billionaire behind the idea, says he will now give up on his bid to split California into 3 states. Draper spent $1.7M & several years supporting the plan. The CA Supreme Court would not allow it on the November ballot.


by Jenna Lee,