18.08.15 Fire Wood

August 15, 2018
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Fanning the Flames

100+ Wildfires Burn Across America

California’s Governor calls it “the new normal,” but as fires rage from Washington to New Mexico, with the Golden State the hardest hit, why there’s hope in a wood that CAN’T catch fire.

FLIP: The Anti-Firewood

Will This Prevent Fires?

Synthetic Wood Discovery

  • Scientists created *new* synthetic wood similar to plastic-wood composites used for decks, but synthetic wood won’t burn.
  • Lightweight & high-strength like real wood.
  • Take hours to make, unlike trees which take decades to grow.
  • Price TBD.

Wildfire Destruction

  • Why is it happening?A It’s hot & dry/dead vegetation acts as fuel.
  • Who’s to blame? Often, humans but wildfires can ignite from innocuous activities like a boat trailer chain dragging on a road and sparking.
  • Earlier than normal? Yes, August is peak month.A Forecasters expect fires to slow in September before ramping up again in Oct.

Is It Worse This Year?

“This year is turning out to be more active even than last year.A We have more fires, more acres burned this fire season than we did in 2017, which, as you know, was a record year for us.’
Thom Porter, Cal Fire Region Chief

Twenty large fires are now burning in CA, including the Ranch Fire (one of the Mendocino Complex Fire) the largest wildfire in CA history.

In California, 6 firefighters died and more than 2,200 buildings are damaged or destroyed with still months left in wildfire season. For a different perspective, click to see the devastating fires from space.

by Jenna Lee,