18.08.15 Go Fund Me

August 15, 2018

(fill in the blank)

GoFundMe (GFM), the globe’s largest crowdfunding website hosts 10,000 new campaigns every day and has raised more than $5 billion bucks since it launched in 2010.

Got a cause, goal, or bill to pay?


  • Who: Users create a campaign & solicit donations from the public.
  • What:A Funds are raised for anything from memorials to charities, parties, and more.A A A A #1 CAUSE: Medical bills.A
  • How:A In 2017, GFM stopped taking a 5% fee for personal funds.A There is still a 2.9% processing fee & a 30 cent fee for every donation. Users may also tip.

Top Three Large$t GoFundMe Campaigns

$21.9 million: Time’s Up Legal (sexual assault / harassment) Defense Fund

$11.8 million: 2017 Las Vegas Shooting Victims Fund

$7.8 million: 2016 Pulse Nightclub Shooting Victims Fund

“The biggest surprise is how much positivity there is in the world. News cycles and the social web often present a barrage of negativity. Yet I’ve been surprised by just how much people are compassionate, sympathetic, and empathetic a they genuinely want to help.”

GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon

The GoFundMe page for newly fired FBI agent Peter Strzok has raised more than $380K+ since it launched on Monday. Although GoFundMe campaigns cannot be used anonymously, sometimes it is difficult to know exactly who is behind a campaign.

by Jenna Lee,