18.08.17 Isis Down but Not Out

August 17, 2018


ISIS attacks have fallen from the front pages, but the terrorist group remains a threat, according to new reports — as aA suspected ISIS member is arrested in California.

Why It Matters

The Big Picture

The U.S. doesn’t really know how many fighters ISIS has, but it is clearly enough to continue launching daily attacks across Iraq and Syria, while also fighting in several other countries. It is a mistake to think ISIS is defeated and the US needs to ensure it doesn’t mushroom once again.”

Tom Joscelyn Senior Fellow, Foundation of Defense of Democracies to SHN

On America’s Shores

  • Suspected ISIS member arrested Wednesday in Sacramento on murder charges.
  • Allegations: He killed an Iraqi police officer in 2014 & fled to America, posing as a refugee.
  • Allegedly, ties to ISIS &A Al Qaeda.
  • DOJ seeking to extradite him back to Iraq.

Something To Consider:

  • 30,000: UN & DOD estimate of ISIS fighters in Iraq & Syria alone
  • Positive: America’s military defeat of ISIS, & the terrorist’s loss of territory in Syria.
  • However, power of ISIS loyalty / ideology remains. “ISIS’ resilience” mentioned in both reports;A $2B U.S. dollars has gone to the Iraqi Security Forces to support fight vs. ISIS.

ISIS: Overseas

  • Tajikistan: 2 American cyclists in an ISIS claimed attack in July.
  • Afghanistan: ISIS bombed a school; dozens killed.
  • Iraq: operating in smaller cells, ISIS kidnaps & plants IEDs.
  • Syria: ISIS launched largest attack since 2017 in early June. Defeated in 2 days.
  • Philippines: ISIS fighters present.

Turkey, a NATO member, has both provided a gateway for ISIS fighters & suffered from ISIS terrorism. America planned to work w/Turkey vs. ISIS strongholds in Syria. As tension rise between U.S, & Turkey, the way forward remains uncertain & Russia lurks in the background.

by Jenna Lee,