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Happy Election Day



Many would-be voters cite a lack of time as the reason why they don’t vote on Election Day.  A closer look at why it’s not a federal holiday and how the states (& some employers) are helping you get to the polls.

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What’s A Federal Holiday?

  • There are ONLY 11 federal holidays (aka national holidays), which are celebrated on the federal level (for federal employees and those in D.C.).
  • States are free to choose their own holidays.  In fact, neither the President nor Congress can designate a “national holiday” binding on the states.
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Why Isn’t Election Day A Federal Holiday?

Not enough support in Congress. 

Proponents of the idea argue it will ensure more people vote.

Opponents say state laws already provide additional times to vote, and that parents would have a difficult time voting due to school closures.

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States Giving Voters More Time To Vote

  • Three states (CO, OR, WA) allow all voters to mail in their ballots.
  • Early voting exists in all but 13 states; another 27 states allow voters to mail an absentee ballot w/o providing an excuse.
  • On Election Day, about 50% of states require employers to give their employees unpaid time off to vote.
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Businesses Giving Time Off To Vote

  • Recent survey: Just under half of 5,000 companies surveyed gave paid time off to vote. Number of companies following this trend increasing.
  • Nearly 350 business nationwide, including Chrysler, DoorDash, Fast Company, Spotify, & Western Union are giving their employees the whole day off to vote.
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Holiday or not, ride-share companies, like Uber and Lyft are offering discounted rides in an effort to help you get to the polls so you can cast your ballot.

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