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Does Spanking Your Children Make Them More Violent?

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The Study

  • Researchers examined huge survey covering many topics given to families in 88 nations.
  • Looked at youth violence rates for countries that outlaw spanking and/or corporal punishment vs. countries with partial bans (in schools) & those with no bans.
  • Countries with outright bans had 69% less violence (physical fights) w/boys; 42% lower w/girls.
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“All we can say, at this point, is that countries that prohibit the use of corporal punishment are less violent for children to grow up in than countries that do not,”

Frank Elgar, the study's lead researcher, who points out that more research needs to be done to take the study's results from a simple "association" to an actual cause and effect.
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Something To Consider

  • In 1977, the Supreme Court ruled corporal punishment in school was constitutional. Today, 31 states have outlawed it, 19 still permit it. There is no federal law prohibiting it.
  • Study looked at gov’t policies on spanking AND corporal punishment; NOT family spanking.
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Recent Research

  • A recent study in 2016 by Univ. of Texas/Univ. of Michigan examined the effect *SPECIFICALLY* spanking has on children using research that spanned 5 decades; 160,000 children.
  • Conclusion: Spanking “does the opposite of what parents usually want it to do” – doesn’t lead to better discipline and may lead to negative consequences.
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While recent research shows spanking may have negative consequences, recent polling shows the majority of Americans believe children should be spanked as a form of punishment. What do you think?

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