Does Britain finally have an exit plan from the European Union?

What it means & why it matters.

Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do

Not Just Britain

We call it “Brexit” but this plan covers the whole UK exiting the EU.

  • UK: Consists of Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland – not the Republic of Ireland.
  • Great Britain (aka Britain) is a geographic term that refers to the UK minus Northern Ireland.
  • UK gov’t is headed by Prime Minister Theresa May in London.


  • 1951 – 2013: EU grows from 6 to 28 countries via numerous treaties
  • 2016: Nearly 52% of the UK voted to exit the EU (most of Wales & England voted to leave; most of Northern Ireland & Scotland voted to stay) citing economic (trade) & immigration (border) concerns.
  • 2017: The UK starts exit process.


  • The UK is slated to leave the EU in March 2019, but, there are NO significant political or economic changes until late 2020 / 2021.
  • On Wednesday, UK Prime Minister Theresa May said her cabinet approved a draft Brexit deal governing the main aspects (trade, travel, and security).
  • A final deal must be approved by both the British & EU parliaments.

“We can choose to leave with no deal. We can risk no Brexit at all. Or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that can be negotiated — this deal.”

UK Prime Minister Theresa May after her cabinet approved a draft deal on Wednesday. By Thursday, May was hit with numerous high-level resignations from leaders refusing to support the draft deal approved her cabinet.

Why It Matters?

“A more unified Europe is a powerful counterbalance to people like Vladimir Putin.”

Brian Klaas, London School of Economics, described Brexit in 2016 as "akin to California and Florida being lopped off the U.S. economy. Klass said economically and politically, a less unified Europe will weaken the continent for foes and friends alike. Unless and until all the fine details are ironed out, the road ahead is uncertain.

IF no deal is reached between the UK & EU in the next 5 months, deadlines to reach a deal may be extended, but only if all 28 EU member countries agree to do so. Some British officials resigned Thursday over the draft proposal, increasing doubt on the deal.

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