The Power of Charcoal

The beauty world’s new “it” ingredient – ridding your body of toxins & impurities.

Could activated charcoal do the same for your insides? And is it safe?


Wait, Eating Charcoal?

  • Activated charcoal (or activated carbon) is a black, odorless powder made by heating charcoal under extreme temps, creates “pores” to “trap” chemicals. 
  • Benefits claimed: prevents gas, bloating, & hangovers.
  • Potential Risks: vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.
  • As supplements, charcoal pills are NOT regulated by the FDA.

It’s Actually Not New

Emergency rooms use activated charcoal powder to treat some oral poisoning and drug overdoses. Typically given orally in a highly-concentrated form mixed with water – not a pill.

As a natural beauty product, ancient Egyptians reportedly called it “black magic” for its many uses (medicinal & for ink).


So How Does It Work?

  • Once swallowed, it binds to the chemical or toxin in the stomach so the body can’t absorb it.
  • BUT… while ER effectiveness is proven, there are conflicting results on its ability to relieve gas or bloating.
  • No studies support its use for other afflictions, like hangovers or high cholesterol.

Despite mixed results on its effectiveness as a supplement, it has taken off over the past year as a beauty aid. The global market for activated charcoal is expected to double by 2022 creating a $6.2 billion industry. As always, best to consult your doctor.

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