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Targeting Terrorists

American airstrikes target
Al-Qaeda in Africa… the same enemy an American soldier died fighting this year.

What this tells us about
America’s War on Terror

Current Events

America Targets In Africa

  • American airstrikes this weekend kill 62 al-Shabab militants in Somalia.
  • al-Shabab is an ally or arm of al-Qaeda’s in Africa.
  • America also recently targeted al-Qaeda’s militants in Libya (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb).
  • Strikes continue against al-Qaeda’s in Yemen (Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula).
Current Events

Why It Matters

It’s not just airstrikes; an American soldier died in June (others injured) during an al-Shabab raid.

Political instability rampant in Africa provides a vacuum for terrorist groups to recruit, grow & gain power.

An American soldier died this year fighting al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.


Current Events

“Were we not to put the pressure on Al Qaeda, ISIS and other groups in the region that we are putting on today, it is our assessment that in a period of time their capability would reconstitute. They have today the intent and would have in the future the capability to do what we saw on 9/11.”

Gen. Dunford, nation's highest military officer, explaining broader threat of terrorist groups & why he says the U.S. should not withdraw from Afghanistan.
Current Events

Attacks against al-Qaeda's branches in Somalia & Yemen both increased under Pres. Trump. However, the administration is negotiating directly with al-Qaeda ally, the Taliban, in Afghanistan.

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