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Special Counsel Investigation Update


As Pres. Trump’s former personal attorney (Michael Cohen) faces sentencing, a look back at what’s happened in the nearly 19 months since Fmr. FBI Dir. Robert Mueller was appointed to lead the Special Counsel investigation.

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Where Does The Investigation Stand Today?

  • Indictments: 36 (incl. Russians).
  • Cost: $7.7M through March 2018 (latest data available).
  • Guilty Pleas: 6 people linked to Pres. Trump, most of whom are former associates or advisers.
  • Prison Time: 3 people received sentences adding up to about 7.5 months. Cohen faces many years when he’s sentenced Wednesday.
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Why Is It Taking So Long?

DOJ order appointing Mueller is very broad & allows investigation into:

  • links / coordination between the Russian gov’t and 2016 Trump campaign associates;
  • matters that arise directly from the investigation; &
  • crimes intended to interfere with the investigation.
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What Does It Mean For Pres. Trump?

Recent gov’t filings implicate Pres. Trump in his fmr. attorney’s (Michael Cohen) campaign finance law violations, however, to date, there is no indication that he committed a crime OR colluded w/ Russians.

Something To Consider: According to DOJ, a sitting president can’t be indicted, but he can be impeached.

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Special Counsel investigation could have an impact outside the courtroom. House of Rep. has the power to introduce impeachment charges for federal officials who are suspected of committing a crime or acting improper. Senate decides whether or not to convict.

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